Kramthology Hardcover Book

I wanted to print a hardcover edition of my favorite material on this site before all of the printers in this country are shuttered, chemically castrated, deported, then sold as food for the retired tween Chinese Olympic gymnasts who may or may not be assembling American electronics in factories with built in suicide prevention landing pads. That, and I needed something to sell from my half of the rented artist alley table at C2E2. Here’s the cover! With guidelines visible for bleed,wrap, joints and spine. The catbear and my dad’s dog Chloe are pictured, coincidentally using one of the aforementioned American electronic devices.Kramthology™ and © Brock Rizy 2012

While at it, this is the business card I’ve prepared to hand out at the convention. With guidelines visible for bleed, trim, and safe area.

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